Tony Daniel Joins Roundtable Discussion of ‘Star Destroyers’ Anthology on the Baen Free Radio Hour Podcast

BaenFRH_podTony Daniel joins a roundtable discussion led by Baen Consulting Editor David Afsharirad on Star Destroyers, a new science fiction short story anthology edited by Tony Daniel and Christopher Ruocchio.


The talk also features authors Robert Buettner, Joelle Presby, J.R. Dunn, Susan R. Matthews, Christopher Ruocchio, and Brendan DuBois. The authors and editors talk about the stories and the simple and fun idea that powers the anthology: big ships blowing things up. The variations on the theme these writers have produced are very entertaining, and the authors give some insight into their stories.

Find the podcast on iTunes and elsewhere, or listen to the Baen Free Radio Hour podcast featuring this discussion here.

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Tony Daniel is also the host of the Baen Free Radio Hour. This episode also marks the fifth anniversary of the weekly podcast, which Tony, in his capacity as senior editor at Baen Books, has been putting together since March 2013.