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Photo by Rika Daniel

Tony Daniel is the author of eleven fantasy and science fiction novels, the latest of which is young adult fantasy, The Amber Arrow. His science fiction books include Guardian of Night, Metaplanetary, Superluminal, Earthling, Warpath, and the two Star Trek Original Series novels, Devil’s Bargain and Savage Trade.

With David Drake, Daniel is the author of two entries in the General series, The Heretic and The Savior. He’s the author of short story collection The Robot’s Twilight Companion. Many of Daniel’s award-winning short stories have been reprinted in multiple anthologies, including several year’s best collections.

Daniel has co-written screenplays for silly monster movies that appear on the SyFy and Chiller Channels including Beneath and Flu Birds. In the long ago 2000s, he wrote and directed numerous audio dramas for SCIFI.COM starring actors such as Stanley Tucci, Oliver Platt, Kyra Sedgwick, and Lou Diamond Phillips. He also was the founder, writer, and director of theatrical and audio drama group Automatic Vaudeville, with many appearances on WBAI radio in New York City.

Daniel’s nonfiction and reviews have appeared in The Federalist, The American Spectator, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Weekly, Stuff, Maxim UK, and The Stranger.

In addition to being a writer, Daniel is a senior editor at Baen Books.

Daniel grew up in Alabama, and has lived in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Seattle, Prague, New York, Dallas, and Raleigh. He is married, and has two children.

tony at tonydaniel dot com