Nice “Booklist” Review for “Star Destroyers”

Another good review for the Star Destroyers anthology edited by Tony Daniel and Christopher Ruocchio here. Says Booklist: “. . . spectacular space battles and alien contacts . . .  themes of military ethics, the uses of artificial intelligence, and the… Read More

Tony Daniel Reviews “The 15:17 to Paris” at “The Federalist”

Tony Daniel reviews the Clint-Eastwood-directed film ‘The 15:17 to Paris,” which is based on the true experiences of three American men who took on and overcame an Islamic terrorist on a French train in 2015. Eastwood took the… Read More

‘Star Destroyers’ Gets a Good PW Review

Star Destroyers, an anthology edited by Tony Daniel and Christopher Ruocchio, and featuring stories by Baen-related authors, got a good review in the February 5 Publishers Weekly. “The anthology is a worthy addition to a long tradition of ship-based… Read More

Tony Daniel Rebuttal to Junot Díaz ABA Rant, “Pulitzer Prize-Winner Claims ‘Super-White’ Children’s Books Ruined His Youth,” is Available at The Federalist

Tony writes: “Looking back, it turns out that no book I ever read was about me. None of that matters when reading fiction. But celebrated author Junot Díaz just doesn’t get it.” The essay is here.